Trainers, consultants, HRDers, coaches, support professionals with a LearningStone learning environment.

Want to know how best to use your LearningStone environment to achieve effective and efficient learning experiences?

In fact, the pitfall is that after an initial successful start, you let your environment slip. First you build a system and then – if you do nothing – the user adapts to it. Then the system becomes leading in the interaction between the participants and you still have to realize your vision and new ways of working outside your online environment.

If you maintain your online learning environment, it works the other way around! By regularly reviewing the effectiveness of your blend with us, you will turn your learning environment into a true Development Accelerator. So you adjust the system during and after your workout. Exactly how you and your participants expect their learning to best take shape.

For example, by breaking lesson material into small chunks and monitoring where participants gain the most. By starting to offer information when the participant needs it. By integrating the virtual classroom into the real space. By offering assignments conditionally. By enabling choices.

In fact, the learning process occurs in co-creation with your participants. With professional moderation of your learning environment (on and offline!), learning becomes easier and costs you less effort.

In 2 x 1 hour online training plus a week of tinkering on the back end of your learning environment, you will learn how to better use your own online learning environment for optimal learning impact and effective interaction.



  • ABC of LearningStone: construction/invite
  • Blocks – building blocks for the learning experience
  • Curate – avoid information overload
  • Moderating – for intensifying and smart working



one-time: € 250 p.p.

€ 350 incl. reference work in your own workspace

Maximum of 6 participants from the same organization