Want to create an online learning environment for your training? The initial creation of an online learning environment is a time-consuming and intensive job. In addition, you will have to make yourself familiar with a new way of working: combining off- and online training.

The Development Accelerator Starter Package gets your online learning environment off to a flying start. That way you make it as easy on yourself as possible. In three months, your training coaching practice gets an online counterimage. What you stand for is the starting point. You get an almost unlimited number of hours for support and advice these first three months. That means you get real guidance to translate your training(s) into the digital world. Provide insight for participants who can then take (part of) your training online. So you learn how to learn online yourself as well as how to organize this for others. One cannot exist without the other.

What is included in the three-month Starter Package? Come meet us at the introductory workshop You will receive a refund of the workshop participation fee if you purchase the Starter Package.


Do you want an environment where your participants are fully engaged in learning? In fact, the pitfall is that after an initial successful start, you let your environment slip. First you build a system and then – if you do nothing – the user adapts to it. Then the system becomes leading in the interaction between the participants and you still have to realize your vision and new ways of working outside your online environment.


When you maintain your online learning environment, it works the other way around! By regularly reviewing the effectiveness of your blend with us, you will turn your learning environment into a true Development Accelerator. We also adjust the system during and after your workout. Exactly as you and your participants expect their learning to best take shape. For example, by breaking lesson material into small chunks and monitoring where participants gain the most. By starting to offer information when the participant needs it. By integrating the virtual classroom into the real space. By offering assignments conditionally. By enabling choices.

In fact, the learning process occurs in co-creation with your participants. With professional moderation of your learning environment (on and offline!), learning becomes easier and costs you less effort.

Sprints and Toolchecker make it easier for you to constantly monitor the quality of your online learning environment. You will learn how to learn online yourself as well as how to organize this for others. This turns your learning environment into a true Development Accelerator.




  • your online learning environment fits your niche better step by step
  • your online learning environment connects step by step better to you as a trainer/coach
  • you improve the earning capacity of your business step by step


The coaching package for trainers and coaches who already have an online learning environment includes:

  • Toolchecker: For answers to questions that arise while using your online learning environment, you can post your questions in the Toolchecker, my online learning environment, which will get you a response within 24 hours.
  • Sprints: Depending on your budget, you can agree on one or more sprints per year. Per sprint we do an educational analysis of your blend, you get an enlightening personal coaching session and aftercare to implement changes in your online learning environment.

With four intensive sprints a year, you’ll get your blend to the point where people learn what you promised. And that’s the best calling card you can give off, because they will then start recommending your course to others with confidence (the new gold!).


If you plan the number of levelups per year in advance you can spread the cost over the whole year and get a 33% discount.

With four Checkups and the entire year’s Toolchecker, you then invest not € 215 but only € 148 per month in a perfect online learning environment that fits your work seamlessly!