Petra teaches trainers, coaches and facilitators to better align their work with the learning experience of their clients.

Thus, those get faster, more and better learning results.

This creates more impact on learners’ personal development and organizational goals.

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Accelerating development is what I cannot resist: with people, with teams and organizations. After all, development is always there, you do. My role is to ask the questions that allow you to choose direction and organize development, then you move faster and get further. I like to see people become wiser, more nuanced, happy and successful. And only by learning can you grow in that.

Why I

Through my work experience and philosophy of life, I understand your training as well as the goals you want to achieve with your business. I understand that it is hard work to provide people with very different backgrounds and prior knowledge with a group experience that is educational and supportive. I share your hope that they are doing good things with it. That’s why I’m walking with you. From the moment you decide to equip your training with an online learning environment to the moment the evaluations herald your success and upsell.

A brief Bio

After studying business administration, where I specialized in information and change management, I started working at IKEA as a management trainee. Finance was fine with me, and communication. Training there was a side job. The organizational culture and togetherness there were unique. Then, after my first child, I worked at the Baak for 4 years, as a program manager. Then I found myself 32 years young, ripe enough for my big dream: my own company, RQnetwork. It was a social enterprise where my passion for cross-cultural organizing and Internet development came together. My idea for sustainable development through improving contact, relationships and learning was off the ground. But I wanted to grow further, I needed to in order to gain a broader understanding of development. Going back into paid employment, at Bestuursacademie Nederland gave me insight into the workings of politics and the public sector. Since 2012, I have continued as an independent entrepreneur again under the name Ontwikkelversneller.



Blend-it company is a cooperative of collaborating professionals that helps organizations in the health and welfare sector design, build and accelerate blended counseling programs. Together with professional welfare practitioners, we design blended learning programs and facilitate their deployment in practice. So that learning experiences are created that users can work with each other, bringing solutions to personal problems quickly closer.